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Monday, September 25, 2006

Six points down

Gordon is maintaining his momentum. So far in the Chase, the 24 team is averaging the best finishing spot among the contenders. He hasn't taken the lead yet, but only 6 points behind Jeff Burton, he certainly is in striking distance.

The race - as far as the fantasy league was concerned - was a back and forth affair. The different pit strategies made it pretty close at some points. Gordon was even 70+ points behind the points leader at that moment at some stages in the race.

The key for my team was the eleventh lap when Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne ended up in the wall. Kahne was Tru-Jr-Fan's driver. At that point, I knew if my guys would just stay running at the end, I would probably win. Then when Earnhardt started fading towards the end, I knew I had it.

To make matters even better, Tony Stewart is one of BBuck's drivers. So, I knew that I might be able to pick up a win over my primary competition in the league. Then Harvick went 34 laps down and I was pretty much assured I would put some distance between us. As it stands, my record is 20-6-1 and BBuck comes in at 18-9-0.

My mind went to Mike several times during the race. Unfortunately, I received an email during that time telling me that Mike has had more swelling on this brain. They have tried two stints to take the fluid off. In both cases, they ended up drawing blood. He is currently in an induced coma as they try to get his body to rest.

Man, cars going around in circles don't mean very much when you consider the battle Mike is facing.


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