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Friday, September 29, 2006

Right on the edge

Last night I was supposed to meet up with several friends to do some laps at Cleveland Park. It took a while for us to get going. I drove the car to the park and realized once I got there that I had forgotten my shoes! We finally got started about fifteen minutes late.

Also, a couple of the guys didn't show up until later. The plan in such cases is that the first guys there follow the route clockwise and the late arrivals will go counter clockwise until everyone comes together. Well, the late arrivals didn't do that and we never connected until Chris and I altered our route to try to find them. We ended up riding just one lap as group.

After about one lap, we got hit by a rain storm. It lasted for about four laps. Man, it was cold! The water was soaking me and as the wind was blowing by it really cooled me down. It was enough to make my ears start hurting.

However, the biggest thing about the ride is that we were flying! We did just under 22 miles in an hour and ten minutes. This gave us an average speed of 19.9. ALMOST. My goal is to average 20 mph. Maybe it won't be long before I'll make it. I'm on the edge...


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