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Monday, September 04, 2006

Lug nuts and fuel

I stayed up to watch the end of the race because the race between BBuck and me was so close, I couldn't go to bed. During the middle of the race the lead was swinging back and forth. Then toward the end fuel mileage became a factor and who knew who might win at that point. Thankfully, I came out on top.

I've now moved into the lead at 17/6/1 to BBuck's 16/8/0. That is a little bit of a cushion for me. Next week I go up against Super_D while BBuck races against GetAFreeRide. So, I'll need that extra cushion.

I was watching Gordon move to the front and it looked like he was in a position to really do some damage. As he closed in on the lead car, he was the fastest on the track. However, under caution, he pitted and had to come back in because of loose lug nuts. He came back for a 5th place finish. It was actually more fun watching him work his say back from 26th. In the process, he picked up one spot in the standings and I'm breathing easier thinking about his chances for the chase.


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