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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wow, what a race

The first half of the race wasn't that exciting -- unless you follow Jeff Gordon. It was a "here we go again" moment early in the race when he lost a bolt to his sway bar. From that point on, it became interesting to see if he would be able to get his laps back. There was enough time left to have hope...

Turns out things ended well enough for Gordon -- and specifically for my fantasy league! I thought it all went out he window after the last caution, but things turned around to lead to the following results:

PaitRacing 455 / Super_D 426
Tru-JR-Fan 274 / RYR28DAVEYSLEGACY 279
GetAFreeRide 212 / BBuck 446

I maintain my lead on BBuck and we both gain on Super_D (who is in third place). RYR28DAVEYSLEGACY is one win away from tying things up with Tru-JR-Fan. Even so, Tru-JR-Fan has got to be happy to see Dale Jr. move into the top ten in points. I sure was glad to see Gordon not only stay in the top ten but even pick up a spot! I wouldn't have thought it possible early in the race.

There is no training line today. I took the day off. However, I will include a picture of my bike. It is a simple entry level rider for someone who wants to begin riding seriously. It isn't something you would go out racing!


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