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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Then again, he did make it... sort of

It turns out that Trent Mayo finished in 16th place instead of 17th. More importantly, Bell Racing, the company that appears to be underwriting a lot of the expenses for the show, has decided to let the five next drivers participate as alternates. So, if anyone has to drop out, Trent would be the next in line.

I got this note from Trent this afternoon:
I am the first alternate if one of the top 15 or one of the top five in the wildcards can't participate. The producer has said that Bell Racing will pay all my expenses to still be involved in it in case one falls out. I will practice and do all the media things as if I am one of the 15. If nobody falls out, I will still get to be seen by the veterans and race teams so that is great!
Here is the statement by Bell Racing:
"Due to the tremendous efforts of all the drivers involved, Bell Racing would like to reward an additional five drivers as 'Alternates' for the program Racin' For A Livin,'" said General Manager Kyle Kietzmann. The Alternates are the top 5 contestants that did not make the final selection, Should one of the 20 contestants not be able to participate, an alternate will be selected. Bell Racing has graciously provided all transportation and lodging for the Alternates who will also have a chance to be seen by Veterans and team owners.
So, things are so bad on that front after all! There is still a chance.


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