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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Staying safe on the road

Here is the latest addition to my Allez. After reading several instances where people riding have been in accidents, I decided to add another element to my ride that would help make me as safe as I can be. First, I am very careful to avoid roads where I think there is 1) too much traffic and 2) a bad quality of driver. It may take me longer to get where I'm going, but I will map out routes on the less traveled roads if at all possible.

Second, I have added this Cateye rear light system. Wow! Is it ever bright. You can turn it on constant or it has three variations of blinking. The only down thing right now is that it does not grip my seat post very well. Sometimes my leg comes back and moves it. Still, I think it is worth it to have the large surface area for the lights.


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