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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Let's go racin', boys!

Here we go to one of those boring tracks. ChicagoLand is next on the docket. Maybe I have a bad attitude about it because I know my drivers aren't going to do very well - except for maybe Mark Martin.

Yep, I'm going up against Tru-Jr-Fan. That means I have to beat Earnhardt (who starts 25th but is a previous winner), Kasey Kahne (starting 3rd and has already one three races on these cookie cutter tracks), and Greg Biffle (rolling off from 27th but was the leader in final practice).

I'm taking him on with drivers who just haven't been able to conquer the medium tracks. Jeff Gordon has always struggled and though he starts ahead (13th) of Junior and Biffle, my guess is he will move forward at first and then slide back. Jimmie Johnson holds a qualifying record at the track and starts 5th, but his luck seems to be slipping here in the middle of the season. Mark Martin starts 9th and I can see this Rousch car being the one that saves my skin.

It will be close, I believe. RYR28 should have an easy go of it today, but Super_D vs. BBuck will be tight as well as my pairing. If I lose, I will basically be in a tie with either Super_D or BBuck.

Hey, don't forget to cast a vote for Trent Mayo at Racin' for a Livin'. He is now in 14th and needs to stay in the top 15 in order to make the show. Be sure to click on the Top 50 poll to get to Trent's competition.


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