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Monday, July 10, 2006

And I said it would be boring?

Okay, the USG Sheetrock 400 wasn't boring like I thought it would be. There were plenty of lead changes and fuel intrigue, not to mention the last 10 or so laps. I have to admit it was a pretty good race... could part of that be due to the fact that Gordon won and is now back in the top 10?

Here is my take on the "incident." Kenseth and Gordon came into the turn having to stay low on the track because of Casey Mears up high. Gordon had been gaining on the number 17 for laps. He was setting him up for a pass. You could see that Jeff had to check up as they came into the turn because the excess fuel being burned off was obvious. At the point in the turn where both drivers would normally have gotten back on the gas, Kenseth seems to have bobbed. Jeff Gordon got back in the gas wanting to get up under Kenseth as they came off the turn. Kenseth did not accelerate with Gordon and, voila, he got spun out. Certainly, Gordon wasn't giving quarter, but he also was not intentionally spinning Matt out.

The good news in the fantasy league is that I beat Tru-Jr-Fan. It was nip and tuck all along with the points going back and forth. BBuck beat Super_D and RYR28 won over the give me driver. That means I maintain my lead: PaitRacing (12-4-1) BBuck (11-6) Super_D (10-7) Tru-Jr-Fan (9-8) RYR28DAVEYSLEGACY (8-9).

Also, the bottle throwing at the end of the race... uncalled for. I'm sure the "fans" were singing, "This is Bud" while they were doing it.


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