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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Keep an eye out for TWC at the Drive

Well, the Greenville Drive have come to town and they are in the midst of their first season. I'll be one of the first to say that I was curious to see how things would go there at West End Field. I guess the jury is still out, but initial responses look pretty good. I'll admit I am more tempted by the new stadium and its location more that I was when the Greenville edition of baseball played on Mauldin Road.

Hopefully you will soon see the above sign somewhere out around the field. The Worthwhile Company will be advertising in the stadium. I think the sign is pretty cool. It is kind of neat to be a part of the Drive.

The team - or is it just the experience of downtown baseball - has really been accepted in the city. I was just downtown last night with the kids. We parked at the Worthwhile office and walked down to Marble Slab. From there we continued down to Falls Park.

Hundreds of people were walking the streets or eating in one of the many places to eat. It really reminded me of Europe - especially when you got down to the river area. It brought to mind a touch of Lucerne.

The addition of the stadium has just added to this atmosphere. While the Municipal Stadium made baseball a destination, West End Field just seems to be a part of a larger environment. Go to a game and get bored? Just walk out the gate and find something else to do.

Again, I think the jury is still out. Could the good attendence just be from curious people and it will soon die down? We'll have to see, but I will have to admit that I hope the Drive succeed - unlike the Growl who died this past week.


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