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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hope its not Poke - Oh No!

Today the Cup guys head to Pocono. I'm hoping I'll come out of the race at least maintaining my lead. Tru-Jr-Fan is going to be hard to beat today. BBuck might be able to pull it off, but everything will have to fall just right. Tru-Jr-Fan has an average starting spot today of 7th. BBuck rolls off the grid with the average of 10th. A lot will depend on how Tony Stewart does (driver for BBuck).

As for my guys, I have an average starting place of 12th. Once again I am left to wonder if I should run Kyle Busch instead of Mark Martin (starting in 20th). Kyle has let me down when I've run him in the past, but has done pretty well at other times when I haven't... I still think I will stay with my primary three. Unless he wrecks, Martin isn't going to finish in 20th!

My competition this week is RYR28DAVEYSLEGACY - a Robert Yates fan. Unfortunately, he has had to drop his RYR drivers (except for Elliot Sadler) in order to be competitive. He had made some good changes and can be dangerous - though it will be hard to pull off a championship. His drivers roll off today in 8th. Wow, Brian Vickers and Jeff Burton scare me! Hopefully the talk of Vickers leaving Hendrick will throw those guys off their game.

It's going to be fun!


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