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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The What? Factor


Some of you may know Chris Haire from MetroBeat. He handed that little gig over to James Shannon and he now is checking out the Boston scene. He ends up writing about SC because for a short period last month Boston and the Upstate collided.

I expected Chris to take the approach he did - it is the same he employed when running Greenville's alternative rag. However, I find it kind of funny that his premise was undercut by what the learned. Even the "extremist Christians" didn't give him the killer quotation. Only those who think they are the experts on something they really don't have a grasp of, fed him the lines he desired.

Bottom line is that yes, religion would play a role between two good men. It wouldn't be a defining role - more of a matter of putting someone over the edge. As I told Chris (part that did not make into the piece), I would vote for Orin Hatch anyday before I would vote for a moderate republican who was a Baptist along the lines of Clinton or Carter. Ron Romine needs to go back to school - or maybe he needs to get out of his ivory tower.

Ralph has the better analysis. I guess I'll have to start calling him professor.


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