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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Weird start for Auto Club 500

Auto Club 500 Race Lineup

My fantasy league lineup:

Biffle: 4
Nemechek: 5
Gordon: 28
Waltrip: 30

Well, I'm glad I decided to replace Waltrip with Biffle for today's race. However, I am at a loss to figure out what my chance are today. Two of my drivers have qualified in the top five. My third active driver - the one you expect to see in the top five is way down in 28th!

Bet things won't end that way. My prediction for today is Gordon gets a top-five finish. Nemechek comes home with a top 15 and Biffle has a blown engine after running strong for most of the day. The 16 and 01 cars tend to qualify quite well, but Biffle seems to either get caught up in something or has engine problems. Nemechek really has what it takes, but he seems to keep having issues in the pits at just the wrong times.

Here's hopin' they all pull it together under the California sun - or will it be rain?


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