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Thursday, February 24, 2005

A weekend of woe

California Speedway

Well, this ain't going to be pretty. If the weekend follows past statistics, I'm going to be hurtin' in my NASCAR fantasy league. I could get my first loss of the season at Fontana: 358 to 452. Even if you toss out last year and just look at Daytona, I'm still in pain: 369 to 464.

Then again, why do they race the race? All it takes is a blown engine here, a flat tire there or an accident.

Pait RacingDriver 8 Fan
Jeff Gordon2.5Jimmie Johnson1.5
Joe Nemechek22.5Dale Earnhardt Jr.2
Michael Waltrip23.5Rusty Wallace17
Greg Biffle22.5Matt Kenseth4.5


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