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Thursday, February 24, 2005

From the dark recesses of Yale - Schuck suggests contradictions in Law School's JAG stance in book

I won't argue the particulars of disagreement with the following paragraph, but will say "amen" to the hypocrisy expressed by those professors at Yale who want to keep their federal funding and keep JAG out.
Another irony Schuck presents is that those same faculty members who filed suit against the Department of Defense do not oppose the federal government's power to cut off funding from a university that itself discriminated, citing a case involving Bob Jones University in which law schools publicly opposed the government's subsidization of an institution that discriminated against blacks.
Here is another instance of arrogance. This spokesperson for the student body assumes that because her circles have acted a certain way that everyone shares that opinion - both now and in the future. Whether the student body wants it or not, is not the issue.
"No other sane employer would have continually sent representatives to campus for two years when faced with zero yield except JAG," he said. "Students decided they didn't want to interview. They made their decision, and JAG kept coming. JAG wouldn't listen to us."
If the government is going to be consistent with the ruling against BJU, than Yale should lose their federal funding. Will they sacrifice? Does Yale have the guts?


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