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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Lady Points to Homestead - Races - Standings

What a race! And they want to take away a race from the Lady in Black - The Track too Tough to Tame?

Kurt Busch (the energizer bunny) was toast. Sunk. Finished. Then, low and behold, somehow he magically appears at the front of the field following a late caution. He is like the zombie in your nightmares. You shoot him. You stab him. He keeps coming back.

However, Homestead could see his demise. As it stands based on past performance, Kurt Busch would end up third behind Johnson and Gordon. Johnson would win the championship by 3 points.

Busch can assure himself a win no matter what Gordon or Johnson do by finishing the race in 2nd place. His average finish there? 15th.

For Gordon to win, he has to finish no less than four places ahead of Johnson. That is unless he can get the bonus points for leading a lap and most points lead.

Who have I not mentioned... Oh, yeah, Dale Earnhardt Jr. His average Homestead finish is 22nd. He would end up the season in fifth place - five points behind fouth place Mark Martin.

As for the "What If" standings. Currently it following this order: Gordon (leader), Johnson (52 points back), Earnhardt (102 points back), Kurt Busch (242 points back), then Stewart, Martin, McMurray, Newman, Kenseth and Sadler (623 points back). It is very possible that we could have the "What If" winner in second place in the "Chase" standings when everything is over.

Of course, all this could go out the window due to the frenzy of testing that has taken place a Homestead. You can bet everyone will be going all out and you can throw the "average finishes" out the window.

One to go!


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