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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm not dead

A regular reader of asked me this morning why it hasn't been updated recently. Here is the scoop - for those who care to know:

I have been rather busy for the last several days fielding media requests, answering constituent emails, phone calls and snail mail regarding Dr. Jones' letter to the President (which hit the news wire a week ago today). I thought at most it would be a three day story - dying over the weekend. For the most part it has. However, it is still simmering behind the ink, tubes and browsers.

At home I also have been busy finishing up several projects:

Sunshine Cycle Shop's Web site. I rebuilt the administration section that allows Mike, the owner, to easily keep his site up-to-date without having to know HTML. Being a used-to-be-avid mountain biker, I like to help him out and get some freebees when something breaks.

Another large project that is kinda' sorta' done is a new site that The Worthwhile Company has been trying to bring out. It is called It is a site where you can find conservative Christian music and classical music written and performed by primarily local Greenville artists. The Kaffeemusik songs are my favorites.

Anyway, I hope by the time this week is over, life will be getting back to normal.


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