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Monday, November 29, 2004

Help Break the World Record

Tuneful throng takes a shot at breaking caroling record

Well, I'm back. Had a great time down in the swamps of eastern North Carolina. The turkey was good and the time with family was even better.

I'd like to invite everyone out to the campus of Bob Jones University this Friday night. It is the neght of the traditional lighting ceremony. Over 100,000 lights switch on while the surrounding crowd sings Christmas carols.

This year there is a twist.

The students at BJU would like to bring the world record for caroling to Greenville. Already the record has been broken once this year (see the above article). Greenville will need to top the 2,282 folks who showed up for a carol sing in Elk Grove, California.

It will take a while to sort things out with all the attempts this year, but it would be cool to bring it to Greenville - even if it is just for one year.

Come join in! It is Friday evening at 6:30 PM. Even if you don't come to join in with the singing, it is still pretty cool to join the crowd and watch the dark campus suddening spring to life with the thousands of lights.


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