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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Kansas Predictions

I did this back before the 'Dega race. I figured I would try the same thing for Kansas. This list only goes back two races because those two are the only ones where there were head-to-head matches between all of the drivers. It takes the average finishes over that period. Frankly, I was surprised at how accurate it turned out to be. Between 8 of the 10 drivers the standing was the same or off by only one. Only two drivers, Johnson and Kenseth, had a large jump - or drop.

Of course, "the curse" changed things as well...

After KansasAfter Talladega
Dale Earnhardt Jr.Kurt Busch
Jeff GordonDale Earnhardt Jr.
Kurt BuschJeff Gordon
Ryan NewmanMark Martin
Tony StewartMatt Kenseth
Mark MartinTony Stewart
Jimmie JohnsonRyan Newman
Matt KensethElliott Sadler
Elliot SadlerJimmie Johnson
Jeremy MayfieldJeremy Mayfield

IF the drivers finish with their average. Earnhardt comes out of Kansas leading Gordon by 1 point in the standings. Ryan Newman will move within 100 points of the leader. Jeremy Mayfield will fall to 236 points back.

We'll see what actually happens. That is why they race the race.


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