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Friday, October 15, 2004

It could be worse

Soon-to-retire Hollings not keeping quiet

Funny, I chuckled when I heard that Hollings called Bob Jones University a bunch of "jackasses". I guess when it comes to Hollings and the school there is one thing they have in common: both are known by some as an embarrassment to the state of South Carolina. It kind of goes along with what one person told me I should have said in response to Hollings' statement, "It takes one to know one."

My jocular mood changed when I read the piece that appears in today's The State. Lauren Markoe writes: "The school has a reputation for promoting regressive views on race." It may have that reputation, but it is only because of people like Markoe who really know nothing about Bob Jones University.

Even when the interracial policy existed the University did not overtly "promote regressive views on race." I'll be the first to admit that such a reputation doesn't exist because of nothing. My only problem with such statements is that it is an exaggeration. Besides, ignores completely what exists NOW.

I'm reminded of a saying by the founder of BJU, "Your reputation is what men think you are. Your character is what God knows you to be." People who take the time to know the school and don't depend on the lazy process of doing their research based only on Associated Press archives, understand that the institution is far more than the now defunct policy that people like Markoe just can't let go.


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