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Friday, October 15, 2004

It all started with Nancy Pelosi...

HBO: Documentaries - Journeys with George

It started with Nancy Pelosi and ended up with a bust of The Jester by Sonnenfeld.

Nancy Pelosi had a daughter who grew up to become an employee of NBC. Alexandra Pelosi grabbed up a handheld camera and started filming George W. Bush during the 2000 election. The documentary first showed on HBO and is now available on DVD.

Alexandra traveled around with the press corp that followed Bush around in a bus and other means of transportation. She was one of the journalists that got off the bus when George W. Bush spoke in the Founders Memorial Amphitorium. She took some time to take her camera around the balcony mezzanine.

While a Mr. van der Werff from Aalten, The Netherlands was watching "Journeys with George" he noticed a familiar piece. It was a bust of The Jester by Gotthard Sonnenfeld. You can see a copy of Mr. van der Werff's piece above.

Sure enough there is a marble bust of The Jester in the mezzanine. It isn't varnished with color but is certainly a the same piece. It is funny how such connections can be made...from Nancy Pelosi to The Jester by way of George W. Bush.


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