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Friday, October 15, 2004

DeMint: Between a rock and a hard place

Paul J. Gessing on FairTax, Tax Reform, Inez Tenenbaum, and Jim DeMint on NRO Financial: "Inez Tenenbaum clearly hopes that voters don't understand basic economics and that they will forget about the price-ratcheting effect of producer, employee, and hidden consumer taxes buried in the current price of every good or service Americans purchase. Of course, economists understand the impact of hidden taxes, and their studies have shown that when these embedded taxes are removed, prices will come down."

Unfortunately, Inez is getting exactly what she wants. I have been approached more than once by people who are not "plugged in" to the issues. They are people who are not apathetic, they just put their focus in other areas of life. They are confused. They think DeMint is the liberal - not Inez. When I explain things to them they respond, "Well, he had better start explaining this to people!"

You have to hand it to Tenenbaum, she has hit an issue where she has been able to turn a positive into a negative for Jim DeMint. If DeMint starts trying to "explain" he will be put on the defensive and be forced to move resources into "reaction" mode. It is a dangerous situation for the congressman. Here's hopin' he can dig himself out of it.


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